CONNECT Your Business Events in Amazing Thailand

For your next business event, think of Thailand and feel a smile begin to form on your face. Amazing Thailand is Asia’s most popular destination for travellers, where business and leisure go hand in hand.

The charm, friendliness and professional skills of the Thai people ensure every business event is remarkable, enjoyable and a great success. Nor are events in Amazing Thailand limited to meeting rooms. Try a more relaxed setting on the beach, on board a yacht gliding through sparkling tropical waters, in a green jungle setting or a stunning historic mansion.

To ensure that business travellers make the most of their events in Thailand, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has joined hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to present outstanding experiences to make your creative business events an amazing success, including fascinating history & culture, CSR & green meetings, beach bliss, lavish luxury and more.

Thailand is the perfect destination for business and leisure.

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