Return to Happiness at Ban Rim Khlong Home Stay

Welcome to Ban Rim Khlong Home Stay, Samut Songkhram, where you are once again reminded of what life used to be like, far from the stresses of modern urban life.

The appeal of this lovely community is a result of a simple way of life of converting materials inside the community into income. Their coconut is the leading actor. But there are also organic vegetables. 

Ride bicycles in your hunt for treasures in the gardens all the way to the homes of the people in the community where local housing has been transformed into home stays for tourists who love community life. They give people the opportunity to come into close contact with the locals and to learn local wisdom.

Ban Rim Khlong Home Stay Enterprise was created by the locals who recognized the value of natural, garden homes located at the edge of the water, traditional boat culture, coconut plantations, coconut sugar and fruit variety.

Local culture and lifestyles are presented to tourists, in effect a form of cultural arts tourism. Community culture, lifestyle and identity include traditional Thai dessert-making and traditional Thai music performances that preserve local culture, particularly firefly-watching aboard boats.

You will be overcome by the warmth of their friendly smiles. There are also fun water activities. It’s like turning back time and becoming a child again: Pretend that you’re ready, pull up your sleeves, fold your pants and jump into happiness at Ban Rim Khlong Home Stay. Let’s go! 

Team Building & Workshops at Ban Rim Klong Home Stay

Coconut Sugar War: Split into teams and learn about coconut sugar, beginning with the boiling process. Observe how coconut sugar is boiled and dropped into coconut sugar. Take on the challenge of trying to tell Ban Rim Khlong coconut sugar apart from other coconut sugars. How much do you know about the coconut sugar you just learned how to make?

Branding & Packaging Design: Brainstorm about your ideas and come up with ways to add value to the coconut sugar from making logos to packaging. Make your story match your target group as closely possible.

Thai Dessert Kitchen War: Divide into two teams and get into the kitchen for a war of desserts. Compete to make banana in coconut milk!

Garden Treasure Hunt: Send representatives to ride bikes and hunt for treasures in the gardens. Put them into baskets. The one with the highest value wins.

CSR & Donations Needed by Ban Rim Klong Home Stay

1.Basic Community Infrastructure Development and Public Benefits

  • Lamphu tree planting to prevent erosion of the canal banks.
  • Construction of a museum for Thai coconuts.
  • Construction of a coconut refinery.
  • Creation of a foundation for learning about how to make cold-distilled coconut oil.
  • Making trash cans.
  • Creating map signs for bicycle routes and community signs.
  • Improving the learning media in learning centers.
  • Creating an activity pavilion for Ban Rim Khlong Home Stay.

2.Knowledge and Work Development

  • Brand-building and adding value to community products and goods.
  • Providing lectures for guides and community communicators.

3.Community Infrastructure Development and Public Benefits for Community Schools

  • Improving the playgrounds at Wat Chong Lom School or Wat Rong Tham School.

4.Funds and Necessities Donations

  • Community

           - Donate bicycles for the tourism club. 

  • Schools

           - Learning tools and sports equipment for Wat Chong Lom School

             or Wat Rong Tham School.

Banqueting Ideas for Ban Rim Khlong Home Stay

Lunch at Ban Rim Khlong Home Stay

Enjoy your lunch at Ban Pa Lek, the best of foods prepared by the people in the community using ingredients directly sent from the community and from the Gulf of Thailand.

Dinner at Ban Rim Khlong Home Stay

Enjoy a Canal Dinner Theme dinner with foods and costume under the “rural Hi-So” theme. Enjoy fresh seafood, including shrimp, crab and shrimp chili paste and spicy mackerel.

Any corporates who are interested in organizing a company outing and CSR trip, please visit or email 

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ตุลาคม 2016 (6 บทความ)
กันยายน 2016 (5 บทความ)
สิงหาคม 2016 (5 บทความ)
กรกฎาคม 2016 (5 บทความ)
มิถุนายน 2016 (5 บทความ)
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ธันวาคม 2013 (4 บทความ)
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