Live History Now in Mueang Kao Sukhothai

Greetings from Mueang Kao Sukhothai . Take a deep breath of fresh air, then go make offerings to monks on the bridge stretching across the pool of Tra Pang Thong Temple at the heart of Sukhothai. 

Mueang Kao Sukhothai has so much to offer you. We guarantee that you will be impressed by the beauty of ancient lacquerware and the simplicity of lifestyles preserved by the local people.

Those are only a few of the highlights. Sukhothai has so much more to offer you. Small and tidy, there is still a significant amount of charm. There are only a few other places in Thailand where you can get around so conveniently. And that’s not all.  

Wherever you go, you’ll pass by timelessly beautiful ancient sites.  All of the beauty, class and history remain richly ingrained in every brick that forms the palace perimeter, Buddhist statues and temples.  

“Sukhothai” means “dawn of happiness”. Thus, we affirm that all of what you will find here will make Sukhothai your special, happy place.

Team Building & Workshops in Mueang Kao Sukhothai

Happiness Race, Puzzle-solving Missions at Archaeological Sites at Sukhothai Historical Park: Hop on a tram and tour Sukhothai Historical Park and visit important places such as Sri Sawai Temple and Phra Sri Maha That Temple. Make a stop to worship King Ramkhamhaeng Monument, and then learn about the city’s history from local storytellers and interpreters with the Tourist Group. Together, go on missions to solve puzzles and find answers in the Happiness Race.

Suk Mak Kho at Sukhothai:

 1) “Lucky Lacquerware” activity at Ban Pridapirom. Design and experiment with traditional Sukhothai lacquerware patterns on T-shirts.

2) “Long Lai Silpa Sangkhalok” at Usasangkhalok: Learn about lacquerware patterns and draw and paint them onto coffee mugs.

Amateur Rice Farmers at the Organic Farming Project, Sukhothai Airport: Give amateur rice farming a try. Attend agricultural class activities for the Organic Farming Project. Here we completely change into the traditional “mouhom” outfit to become full-fledged farmers. In your tour of the entire project, you get to drive the E-tan tractor, gather duck eggs straight from the pens, visit the buffalo enclosure and ride a pink buffalo, all fun entertainment for the Sukhothai people.

CSR & Donations Needed by Mueang Kao Sukhothai

1.Basic Community Infrastructure Development and Public Benefits

  • Wall renovations on Sangkhalok Road.
  • Roof renovations for water-side pavilions in Trapang Thong Temple.
  • Activity pavilion construction for Old Sukhothai Community.

2.Knowledge and Work Development

  • Brand-building and adding value to community products and goods.
  • Providing lectures for guides and community communicators.

3.Basic Infrastructure and Public Utilities Development for Community Schools

  • Painting and renovations for Li Thai Pittayakhom School.
  • Tree-planting and improvements to the landscape of the community and Li Thai Pittayakhom School.
  • Providing learning and recreational activities for students of Li Thai Pittayakhom School.

4.Funds and Necessities Donations 

  • Community

          - Donation of industrial fans for servicing tourists.

  • School

          - School supplies, sports equipment and musical instruments

             for Li Thai Pittayakhom School.

          -Trash cans separated by category for Li Thai Pittayakhom.

          - Computer sets for students of Li Thai Pittayakhom to study.

          - Stainless-steel water coolers and water filters for Li Thai

             Pittayakhom School.

          - Nursing beds and renovations of the infirmary for Li Thai

            Pittayakhom School.

          - Books and teaching media for the library and renovation of

             the library of Li Thai Pittayakhom School.

          - Tractors for use in cutting grass at Li Thai Pittayakhom School.

          - Procurement of new wooden pavilions and repairs for damaged

             ones at Li Thai Pittayakhom School.

          - Scholarships for students of Li Thai Pittayakhom School.

Banqueting Ideas for Mueang Kao Sukhothai.

Lunch at Mueang Kao Sukhothai

Enjoy lunch together under the sacred fig on an island at Trapang Thong Temple and taste the traditional Thai cuisine of Sukhothai like mackerel boiled in coconut milk with fresh water-lily stems, young sunflower and oyster sauce stir fry, fried fish with herbs, banana stalk Tom-Yum, fish paste Tom-Yum and crispy catfish salad.

Dinner at Mueang Kao Sukhothai

Attend a reminiscing party at the grounds of Sukhothai Treasure Resort and Spa and dine on local cuisines, such as Khao-Perb, a menu from Ban Na Ton Chan that should not to be missed, and nostalgic dishes like crispy rice cakes, steamed rice dumplings, pork satay and sweet giant catfish.

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