Ban Tham Sua Home Stay – the Awesome Tiger Cave Village

This is Ban Tham Sua, which means Tiger Cave Village – an awesome name for a village, if a bit frightening. If you’ve got a good imagination, you might even wonder if there are indeed tigers here as suggested by the name. Indeed there were – a long time ago.

However, the surroundings in Ban Tham Sua remain as rich as ever. When you visit this place, you’ll discover that it is still covered in massive trees that take several people to encircle their trunks, most of which have economic value and many uses. 

Why do you think it remains like this? It’s because, much to our envy, the people living in Ban Tham Sua Community came together and preserved the forests through their projects as well as their organic lifestyle.

We are thrilled to have the chance to lead you on a tour of the natural landscape, green jungles, and clear, cool waters of the Phet Buri River and the environmentally friendly, nature-dependent lifestyle full of fun activities we want you to experience throughout your trip.

One last question: Have you ever ridden a rubber boat down a river to check in at a hotel? If not, then get ready!

Team Building & Workshops in Ban Tham Sua

“Sua Rak Pa” Activity: The Tree Bank Project is one of the most outstanding projects of Ban Tham Sua. The concept behind this project is that all trees have economic value and are a type of asset that can be invested in. Presently, Ban Tham Sua has over 20,000 trees registered with the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. Furthermore, all tree owners receive annual interest from their own trees to further investments, while the funds received differ depending on the type of tree. 

You can participate in the Tree Bank Project by dividing into teams for activities and playing the Withee Sua Rak Pa game. Each team is required to brainstorm and come up with an investment plan for investing in the trees inside the community without making repeat investments. When the time comes to reveal the answers, Phi Noi or Khun Suthep Pimsiri, Chairman of the Tree Bank, will tell you the value of each tree you invested in as well as their respective uses.

 “Sua Kluk Din” Activity: We want each team to compete mixing, churning or doing whatever they can to make the clay prepared for them to be one fine mix that is good for shaping into seed ammunition. You have to make as many clay ammunition shells filled with as many seeds as possible within a limited time. The team that wins the Sua Rak Pa game will have the advantage over other teams in this game because that team will gain the helping hands of “Kla Rak Pa” youths from Ban Tham Sua Community.  Due to their extraordinary ammo-making skills, there’s a real chance that their team will win both games.

 “Thong Muan Nguen Lan” Activity:  The “thong muan” dessert of Ban Tham Sua is considered a signature treat you won’t want to miss during your visit to Ban Tham Sua. Thong muan here has just the right amount of sweetness and is very fragrant. You can learn how to make thong muan from masters whose decades of experience are shared with you. They say that thong muan seems to be easy to make, but it really isn’t so easy. Just rolling them up to the right size without breaking is already a daunting task.  After a few tries, however, you will be deemed worthy enough to become the winner of this game.

“Sua Nang Lui” Activity: Leave your homestay and hop on a rubber boat for a ride. Make sure you are properly dressed then split into teams on each rubber boat. The river will carry you. Prepare to be amazed at the scenery on both banks of the river. You have a mission to locate the “3 Hearts of Tigers”, which are a slingshot, seed-filled clay ammo and tree saplings, all of which are hidden along the way. You might have to get wet to get them though.

CSR & Donations Needed by the Ban Tham Sua Community


1.Community Basic Infrastructure and Public Utilities

  • Shooting seeds to expand the forest or plant various tree saplings.
  • Painting a sign for the home stay inside the community.
  • Improving and expanding the bicycle garage.
  • Creating direction signs for the community and various locations.
  • Constructing a dining area.
  • Constructing more bathrooms and showers.
  • Creating an irrigation system for vegetable and sapling plots.
  • Renovating the organic produce sorting building and the community product distribution center.
  • Renovating the coal kiln and herbal insect repellent distiller.
  • Renovating the sporting field for community health.
  • Constructing a pavilion for Ban Tham Sua Home Stay community activities.

2.Knowledge and Work Development

  • Creating brands and adding value to community products and goods.
  • Providing lectures for guides and community communicators.

3.Community Infrastructure Development and Public Benefits for Community Schools

  • Painting the playground at Ban Nong Hong School.

4.Funds and Necessities Donations

  • Community

         - Donate bicycles to the Tourism Group.

        - Donate rubber boats to the community.

  • School

         - Learning tools, sports equipment and school uniforms for

            students at Ban Nong Hong School.

Banqueting Ideas for the Ban Tham Sua Community

Lunch at Ban Tham Sua

Eat lunch together along the shady banks of the Phet Buri River where everyone is sure to have a good appetite. The menu is just as wonderful as the view. There are fried tilapias, mackerel fish paste served with fresh organic vegetables, fresh bamboo shoots stir-fried with eggs and Thai fresh vegetable fern shrimp salad. Finish off with fruits grown from orchards in the village.

Dinner at Ban Tham Sua

Enjoy your dinner at the “Sua Khun Thin” party, a special grill menu enjoyed in the same way as Ban Tham Sua locals, prepared by expert chefs, and then have plenty of fun with Ban Tham Sua’s period dancing activity.

Any corporates who are interested in organizing a company outing and CSR trip, please visit or email

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