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MICE Lane Services


MICE Lane Process

  1. Organizers complete reservation and special-request forms on behalf of their delegates.
  2. Organizers submit both forms plus any supplementary documents to TCEB at least 15 working days prior to the arrival of their delegates.
    (if the forms are not completed correctly or are missing any information, TCEB will contact the organizer within 3 working days of receiving the paperwork)
  3. TCEB will issue a letter to the Immigration Bureau requesting an expedited immigration process for delegates at least 7 days prior to their arrival.
  4. TCEB notifies the organizer of the acceptance of their request.

With assistance from the MICE Lane Team, VIP delegates pass through Immigration in the Premium Zone.

  • MICE Lane Service is available for arrivals only.
  • The number of VIPs per group must not exceed 15 persons when using the Premium Zone.
  • VIP groups of more than 15 persons will receive TCEB’s escort to the EAST and WEST Zones.


Download Brochure: GCA with Fast Track Service

Download Brochure: Service at the Airport

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