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A Distinctive Destination: All about Thailand

Known internationally as the "Land of Smiles," the Kingdom of Thailand is home to one of the world's oldest and most unique cultures. From world-class hospitality and famous cuisine, to ancient tradition and timeless landscapes, it's no wonder Thailand attracts millions of visitors every year.

Whether you're holding a business event or just want some beach time, Thailand offers an experience you'll never forget.

Thailand MICE vital Statistics

Vital Statistics

Thailand Standard time is GMT +7; daylight savings time is not observed...

Thailand MICE weather


Although there are officially three "seasons" in Thailand, you can count on it being hot and humid across most of the country for most of the year...

Thailand MICE Getting Around

Getting Around

In Bangkok, an efficient, easy to access transportation network makes getting around this sprawling, bustling metropolis a breeze...

Thailand MICE Where to Go

Where to Go

Thailand is a regional hub in Southeast Asia, favored by both leisure and business travelers for its unparalleled natural beauty and diversity...

 Thailand MICE Economy


Thailand has a diverse and multifaceted economy comprised of many key commercial sectors spread throughout the country...

 Thailand MICE Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion

Thailand's official language is Thai, a tonal language with a unique non-Roman alphabet derived from ancient Khmer script...

 Thailand MICE Holidays


Thais love their holidays, and in Thailand there are many to be celebrated...

 Thailand MICE Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements

The industry of meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) is an industry that generates 7.55 percent of all tourism revenue.

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