Live the Shimmering Dream in Lee Led, Surat Thani

This is Lee Led, a small community in the heart of Surat Thani, though the good things it offers are anything but small. That’s because the place is well known as the Amazon of Thailand due to its richest mangrove forests.

The people of Lee Led are like villager-sages. Besides excelling at reading the earth and sky much more accurately than weather forecasts, each is adept at utilizing every part of a tree.

One of the best things about Lee Led is the millions of fireflies that live in this region. As twilight approaches, you can expect to see shimmering lights glowing from the fireflies.  It’s like living in a dream.

Team Building & Workshops in Lee Led

Boating mission in search of ten natural treasures, such as the Lamphu, Samae Dam, Kong Kang, Tua, Ta Tum, Nam Nong and Chak trees. Participants work together as teams in long-tail boats as they locate these trees in the mangroves and photograph them as proof of their success.

Dessert-wrapping activity: local sages demonstrate how to make atap palm desserts. Main ingredients are coconut pieces, scraped coconut, coconut sugar, flour and, lastly and most extraordinarily, pumpkins. Wrappings make use of the second part of the palm. The desserts are wrapped first before they are roasted to a crisp. This activity requires no more than fifteen minutes.

Team competitions to create a nature exhibition. Slogans for making signs, direction signs or signs that communicate messages can be created.

Value-adding activities for community products. Additional packaging can be created for products, or products can receive support in branding and marketing.

Sweet fish sauce and shrimp paste-making activities. Local products are processed to add commercial value.

CSR & Donations Needed by the Lee Led Community

1.Basic Community Infrastructure Development and Public Benefits

  • Outdoor exhibitions for providing education on mangroves.
  • Creating marine and mangrove conservation signs.
  • Creating learning and message-sending signs to support tourism activities.
  • Creating activities pavilion for Lee Led

2.Knowledge and Work Development

  • Brand-building and adding value to community products and goods.
  • Providing lectures for guides and community communicators.

Banqueting Ideas for Lee Let

Lunch at Lee Led

Eat local Surat Thani cuisines. Raw ingredients are strongly flavored as preferred by southerners. There are curcuma fried fish, sour giant perch soup with coconut shoots made according to a special recipe of the community, dried mixed vegetable chili paste, Kua Kling, fried Chaiya salted eggs, crispy fried streaky pork and Kaeng Tai Pla rice noodles, and then end the meal with coconut butterfly pea water, a local beverage, and sweet, crunchy Loi Kaew dessert made from atap palms. 

Dinner at Lee Led

Try both the local seafood and seasonal fruits to your heart’s content. On the menu are sweet shrimps that can be found only in the south only, freshly caught and fried giant perch, smoked shrimp, smoked prawns, smoked mantis shrimp and smoked scallops. Furthermore, there is sour snake-head fish soup, spicy prawn stir fry, shrimp and black pepper stir fry, chicken barbeque, mangosteens, watermelons and rambutans, the seasonal fruits of Surat Thani.

Any corporates who are interested in organizing a company outing and CSR trip, please visit or email 

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