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Dong Yen, Most Naturally

Dong Yen may well be one of the most natural places you’ll ever visit. It is known as the village where you can find Chom Chan blossoms, herbs that can help you lose weight. 

Anything else? Well, as a matter of fact: there are also salad flowers, passion fruits, watercress, sunflower saplings, morning glory shoots, long eggplant, round eggplant, fragrant Prik Ki Noo chili peppers, papayas, green onions, Chinese kale, Bhutanese mushrooms, Jew’s ears, Japanese truffles, onions, longevity spinach, centella leaves, lettuce, angled gourd, mulberry leaves, bamboo grass and Thai bamboo for you here.

Those are only a few examples of what you will find in the backyard vegetable patches of the people of Dong Yen. They make it their way of life to grow vegetables for personal use. What’s important is that these vegetables are grown organically without chemicals. 

More than that, they make their own fertilizer. From what used to be a small activity involving family members, they expanded and began selling their produce. Once they succeeded in creating a stand, they grew to become a learning center for organic farming and to share their knowledge and techniques with anyone who’s interested.

This might really be the ideal way of life so many people are looking for, and it’s right here – in Dong Yen, naturally.

Teambuilding & Workshops in the Ban Dong Yen Community

It is already the lifestyle of Dong Yen people to grow vegetables to eat at home. We invite you to ride bikes along the organic vegetable patches of the community, looking for the vegetables you are assigned to find such as onions, longevity spinach, centella, salad lettuce, lettuce and angled gourd.

Ban Thung Menu Competition: Together, create new menus as assigned (such as chili pastes and vegetable stir fry) using ingredients you collect from the gardens. Peal garlic and gourds and mix all the ingredients together to obtain the best flavors. You will find out just how good the food you made from vegetables you picked with your bare hands really is.

Earthworm Fertilizer: Learn how to make fertilizer using ingredients obtained from in the community.  A few examples include cow dung, raw rice husks, processed rice husks, rice bran, banana shoot bacteria (made by fermenting bananas stalks with sugar) and fermented tomato juice. Mix them all together, add water and then mix again into a fine mixture. This mixture is ready for use after placed under fabric cover for about 15 days. It works as a great replacement for fertilizer and provides nutrients for the roots. 

CSR & Donations Needed by the Ban Dong Yen Community

1.Basic Community Infrastructure Development and Public Benefits 

  •  Well-digging for use in agricultural plots for tourism
  • Solar-powered water pumps
  • Pavilions for welcoming tourists
  • Storage facilities for various items
  • Direction signs leading to the community
  • Signs for learning foundation and activities
  • Activity pavilion for Ban Dong Yen Community

2.Knowledge and Work Development

  • Knowledge on improving agriculture and water management
  • Brand building and adding value to community goods and products
  • Training for guides and community communicators

3.Fund and Necessities Donations

  • Community

         - Bicycles for servicing tourists

         - Metal sheets for roof covers

Banqueting Ideas for Ban Dong Yen

Lunch at Ban Dong Yen

The local cuisine of an agrarian community includes grilled snake-head fish, Bon curry, bamboo shoot soup with pork knuckle, mackerel watercress Thai salad, fried gourami, chicken spicy stir fry and hot steamy white rice.

Dinner at Ban Don Yen

Thai-style buffet dinner in the fields: Topping the menu are grilled enokitake mushrooms, fried tofu, rice noodles with snake-head fish soup, watercress salad, cassia curry, squash and pickled lime soup, deep-fried marinated pork, fried chicken, fried fish paste paddies. All can be enjoyed with the great atmosphere. You can’t getter a better deal.

Any corporates who are interested in organizing a company outing and CSR trip, please visit or email 

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