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Thailand: REDEFINE Your Business Events

For decades, Thailand has gained support, success and accolades from the global business events community. We are a trusted destination and business hub – having helped many business associations and organisations build success and growth.

Global event strategists credit our success on our people and unique identity. The Thai are renowned for an authentic sense of hospitality, diverse creativity, and inclusive and collaborative spirit. The strengths of our people underpin the new campaign, and we celebrate their contributions through the letter ‘INE’, which means ‘Thai’ in our language, in the word REDEFINE. 

We follow the pace of global transformation and see that the best solution is one where we use our business capabilities to foster synergy with the global business community – a sustainable win-win for our industry.  

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau is the conduit to a network of strong relationships.  Our support focuses on the ten key industries under the Thailand 4.0 economic development policy and beyond.

We are ready to transform.  We are ready to collaborate and help you redefine your business events strategies.

Access our support network here.