Pattaya sits with endless possibilities, and is a city with plenty of potential. With a natural beach over 15 km in length and multiple islands off-shore, the coastal city is not only popular as a tourist destination, but also as an international and domestic aqua sports hub. Open up your plans with the plentiful human resource and arrange full-suite services that will impress any visitor.


Swirling like an energetic rainbow, Pattaya is indiscriminate in its multifaceted presentation. Against the backdrop of the Gulf of Thailand, the city pulses with a different beat from night to day. Secular offerings like street bars and art museums accompany sacred sites with giant Buddha effigies in eclectic harmony - over here you don't just do good, you do better. The commonality lies only in the stunning ocean views and unbridled Thai smiles. From trendy beachfront resorts to family-friendly beaches, Pattaya's accessibility and diversity is a constant draw, especially now as the jewel of the Eastern Economic Corridor.

Quote: “ Against the backdrop of the Gulf of Thailand, the city pulses with a different beat from night to day. 

Places to Go

Pattaya will continue to be a thrilling destination. One can fly through the forest canopy at Flight of the Gibbon and see the Khao Kheow and Khao Chompoo wildlife sanctuary from another perspective. It's here one can generate unforgettable team-building as participants navigate through suspended obstacles under the keen eyes of safety officers. Then bring your meetings off-shore at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, where ideas are born as you drift past Koh Phai, Koh Rin, and Sae Kaew Beach. Then seal that deal by learning how to mix cocktails on board! Nong Nooch Botanic Garden now has one of the country's newest convention center, easily occupying up to 10,000 visitors, and a Thai Cooking session there will fire up interest and healthy competition. And what pairs better with food than wine right? Silverlake Vineyard is a unique venue that showcases Thailand's unique New World wine. Needless to say, Pattaya's surf and turf options are always ready to be imbibed.

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