Khon Kaen

Agro-industry has dominated this area, with 11.4 percent of the province's gross domestic product featuring metal and wood products, transportation, produce, and machinery. This indicates the abundant natural resources that have provided a stable income for the province, but within these riches are also historic sites of value. With excellent infrastructure for conventions, activities around the region can be easily designed to include a taste of Isan's culture and traditions.


As one of the 'big four' in the province of Isan - Thailand's largest - Khonkaen has served as a key destination for the northeast region with its heavyweight role in the agro-industry. You can literally cook up a storm here, amidst thriving farms bursting with fresh ingredients, and as the area keeps pace with global initiatives, more organic options are now available - some even uniquely Thai! Move past the kitchen and fields and you'll see an exceptional culture, best expressed through the vibrant and luxurious silks that come out from makers here. Artisanal crafting is evident from loom to building, with UNESCO highlighting some of the magnificent architecture one can only find in Khonkaen. This is a natural haven, undisturbed by heavy tourism, yet serves spaces perfect for conventions and meetings.

Quote: “ Artisanal crafting is evident from loom to building, with UNESCO highlighting some of the magnificent architecture. ”

Places to Go

Khonkaen is where the earth meets the skies with green fields and historic arms. Start with a visit to Aura Farm where the region's agricultural life comes through in an English town setting. Make ice-cream from fresh cow's milk or learn the basics of organic vegetable farming and see where your food comes from. Then put those ingredients to good use at Ban Hua Fai, a lifestyle space where you can create local food such as steamed fish with spicy dipping sauce or domestic chicken soup with the village community. If you enjoy these lifestyle elements, then experience the arduous but elegant process of working with silk at the venue. Witness Isan architecture at the UNESCO-recognised ordination hall of Wat Sa Thong Ban Bua, or bring your meetings to Nam Phong National Park - the city's natural highlight that covers over five districts - and enjoy the awe-inspiring sights at Hin Chang Si scenic point.