Chiang Mai

With sweeping landscapes and a distinct cultural segment, the soft beauty of Chiang Mai attracts those seeking unfettered natural charms and a different Thai perspective. The city is a popular business destination with its top-class meeting facilities and cooler climate, ensuring a comfortable experience for every visitor. Day trips are also easily arranged, with sister city Chiang Rai just a few hours away.


With a cultural influence so distinct it's almost its own country, Chiang Mai was seat to the ancient Lanna Kingdom, and the rolling hills guard over 300 temples. Rich with cultural beauty and scenic views, it is small wonder the old capital is nicknamed 'Rose of the North'. Its altitude grants a natural cool climate - suitable for those easing into the tropical weather - and holding events at their richly decorated spaces is primed for comfort. From colourful hill tribes to artists' market enclaves, the unhurried charm of Chiang Mai infuses every trip with an indelible impression unique to Thailand and Asia.

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Quote: “ Rich with cultural beauty and scenic views, it is small wonder the old capital is nicknamed 'Rose of the North'. ”

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Chiang Mai's ancient Lanna culture is unlike any other in the Kingdom. MICE travellers can access the full Lanna experience with convention hall facilities at Horizon Village & Resort, where the sprawling grounds invite one to stroll, cycle, or gather within the botanic gardens. Mae Taeng Co-Operative has helped propagate organic farming education, and it's here one can immerse in the process and learn about sustainability. Need a coffee break? Look no further than Ban Mae Ton, where the upstream production of the country's best Arabica coffee - Thepsadej - can be found. Then head to Doi Saket for the downstream journey, and understand the process from roast to sale. Or elevate your events literally, by heading to the second highest mountain in Thailand at Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park.