Phuket MICE City, a city with beautiful seascapes and cultural diversity. A dream destination for global travelers.

Phuket, "MICE City of Andaman"  

 With beautiful seascapes, clear sky, and a variety of natural attractions combined are the things that spell travelers from all over the world, Phuket is also renowned as the star city of Thailand. With a mixture of Thai, Chinese, Western and Islamic cultures, "Phuket" is also regarded as in the forefront among the world-class tourist destinations. It has a distinctive geographical identity from the gorgeous coastline beach facing the Andaman Sea to the lush forest which is perfect as a trip destination for any occasion. It is also equipped with ranges of classy travel choices for luxurious business travelers. With a wide range of events and activities such as sailing cruises for business meetings, or a thought-provoking travel which helps create new ideas amid beautiful seascapes. Even when there is an event hosted with a spectacular backdrop with outstanding beauty in the view of the pristine beach that as day passes, this jewel shines even brighter than ever. It is, therefore, known as the perfect place to discover a full- fledged experience that fulfills every intention of the visitors.

Speaking of one of the major cities in Southeast Asia, Phuket is the perfect example

city. Also, it is well equipped with all the amenities. It has been notably dubbed as “the MICE City of Andaman”.

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The convenient center for event hosting.

    Phuket is currently an important MICE city to keep an eye on at a global scale. Combined with its fortunately remarkable geography, the beauty of all the beaches and seascapes, and the diversity of mixed cultures on a global scale, all helped push Phuket from a regional MICE City to become the MICE World Class City where it is more than ready in all aspects. The city is packed full of an array of sports and other outdoor activities, cultural and contemporary performance shows, or leisure activities such as spas, massages, etc. There are a number of communities’ learning centers around the city. Almost every hotel across the city is also all-out providing the city’s valuable guests with facilities and amenities. There are over 220 grand seminar rooms across the city areas. Up to 600 hotels’ facilities across the city are divided into over 615 meeting rooms along with over 40,000 bedrooms. There are a number of boats and yachts piers including 14 cruise ship piers, 4 private piers (Marinas), and also the

    city’s light rail line which is under construction to facilitate visitor’s transportation from the airport to the city centre. Moreover, in order to be absolutely certain that the city is perfectly prepared for being the MICE City, the local authority has managed to hire a team of potential personnel. Therefore, they can better work on the integration and collaboration process towards the government, along with private and community sectors altogether to help drive MICE events in Phuket. In order to stimulate the country’s economy and distribute income into local communities. This does not only mean inviting tourists just to visit Phuket alone. It also means making this paradise island the center of people from all over the world to hold meetings and conferences, no matter at the enterprise or international scale such as trade shows or international exhibitions.

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Numerous MICE activities, altogether with multicultural.

    Travelers who have a chance to visit and experience the MICE City Phuket will be able to enjoy an array of different activities amid the city’s unique charms that exist in every corner throughout city areas. Travelers can start their morning by visiting the Phuket Wake Park and find 11 activities available to try out within the 140-meter lagoon areas. Then, proceed to the Boat Lagoon Resort, a large venue perfect for group activities, try familiarizing oneself with  the native Thalang people at the Cultural Village site. Next, find a place to relax the activity- filled day by attending the Manohra performance show and participating in traditional activity games with the locals, or show off your culinary skills at Blue Elephant, a cooking school that is famously known for instructing royal recipe concepts, and also instruct how to make local- style noodles. Finally, try to get in touch with nature by participating in environmental conservation activities at Pa Khlok community. Phuket also has many standardized venues to support its future growth and the needs of the MICE business groups. Therefore, it is the MICE city that certainly will be well recognized to the world. The list of famous hotels in the city namely Angsana Laguna Phuket, Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach, Dara Hotel Phuket, Grand Mercure Phuket Patong Resort and Villas, Royal Phuket Marina, Sunsuri Phuket, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, and The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa Phuket 

    With plentiful potential and well prepared arrays of staff and facilities to accommodate all categories of events, it helps promote Phuket to be the dream destination for global travelers. Also, it is the MICE City that is exceptionally well recognized globally without any doubt.