AltoTech develops Alto Energy Edge, an Innovation Managing Electricity Use in Hotels and Buildings


  AltoTech is the developer of an energy management innovation which helps hotels conserve electricity by up to 30%. The innovation was initiated to tackle the excessive energy consumption in the business sector. It helps businesses to effectively manage their energy use, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic which has drastically affected businesses’ revenue, and forced them to urgently search for ways to reduce costs as much as possible to try and survive the crisis.

    Alto Tech, is a startup which developed the AI and IoT innovation. We asked them about their experiences in competing in Thailand MICE Startup held by The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and its partners.

AltoTech’s beginning in the Startup Business

    “We saw the problems with inefficient energy use in the business sector. We wanted to develop a solution to help business owners effectively manage their energy use.”

AltoTech’s Innovation

    AltoTech’s Alto Energy Edge is an innovation which uses AI and IoT technology to effectively manage electricity use in hotels and buildings.

Alto Energy Edge divides its energy management system into two types:

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Common Space Energy Management System      

    In common spaces, IoT devices are installed to monitor temperature and humidity to keep them at comfortable levels. The energy management system also links to the CCTV system to monitor the level of crowding in the building. The AI system analyzes the data and adjusts the air-conditioning system to its optimal level.

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Room Energy Management System       

    In guest rooms, the energy management system collects data such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide level from IoT devices. The data is analyzed by the AI system to automatically adjust the air-conditioning system to optimal level. If the AI system detects that the room is unoccupied, it will automatically turn down the air conditioning to save energy even though a key card is in the slot.

    The innovation also features the Alto Command Center which allows the building supervisor to monitor occupancy rates in real time and calculates the electricity consumption rate based on occupancy. It also compares the electricity consumption rate per room per night before and after the installation of the Alto Energy Edge. The energy saving rate will be shown as a percentage in real time while monthly cost saving is also available. The system shows overall energy consumption in common spaces and guest rooms, and the electricity consumption rate of each appliance in guest rooms. Based on the given data, hotel operators can design their energy savings and maintenance plans for electric appliances.

Besides hotels, the Alto Energy Edge can be adjusted to use in buildings of all sizes.

    The co-operation between AltoTech and the MICE Industry to Develop Solutions for the Industry

    AltoTech presented Alto Energy Edge at Thailand’s MICE Startup as an energy-saving solution to help MICE businesses save electricity costs by up to 30%.

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AltoTech’s Motivation to join Thailand’s MICE Startup and its Inspiration for the Innovation

    “We wanted to understand the needs of MICE entrepreneurs and to develop Alto Energy Edge to help businesses save their electricity costs by up to 30%. The idea was initiated after we saw the data that the electricity cost for a three-day event with 1,000 visitor capacity was around Bt4 million. The high energy consumption means high carbon dioxide emissions. On the other hand, event promoters around the world are looking for environmentally-friendly venues with certification such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Venue, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 20121. AltoTech’s energy management platform can help the MICE industry save on electricity costs and develop venues to meet eco-friendly standards.”

    AltoTech added, “We have developed an AI innovation to automatically control electrical appliances and systems which will help the MICE business save electricity costs. At the same time, we have developed a business plan which allows MICE entrepreneurs to access the innovation without contributing any investment.”

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AltoTech’s Perspective on the co-operation between Startups and the MICE Business

    “MICE is a business that generates billions of baht in revenues and GDP contributing to Thailand’s economic growth. However, the industry still has unsolved problems, while startups are founded to develop new innovations to solve existing problems. So the co-operation between the MICE industry and startups will lead to effective solutions for the problems.”

How has AltoTech used the MICE Industry to expand its Business?

    “We connect to venue operators who are looking for energy management systems to cut electricity costs by up to 30% and to help their venues acquire certification such as LEED, Green Venue, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 20121.”

Benefits earned from co-operation with MICE Entrepreneurs through Thailand’s MICE Startup

    “We got to understand the main problems of MICE entrepreneurs better. The Incubation Program helped us to learn techniques for ideas presentations. The most important thing was that we had a chance to build connections with other startups for future co-operation.”

The Role of Startups and their Advice during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    “AltoTech has developed Alto Guest, a contactless management system for COVID-19 quarantine. Besides energy management problems, the company also saw problems in quarantine management between medical personnel, state quarantine accommodation and quarantined persons so we developed a contactless management system for quarantine. The system displays occupancy in the quarantine accommodation and provides a Line bot for the quarantined persons to chat and send required data to medical staff. The system makes it easier for the medical staff to remotely monitor the quarantine.”             

Advice for Future Startups

    “There will be many new startups in the future. They need to truly understand the problems of business entrepreneurs and come up with solutions for those problems fast enough to be pioneers in the market.”

Perspective of a Small Startup who wants to be a Game Changer in the Business World

    “’Speed Is Everything’ would be the right motto for today’s business where consumer behaviours are shifting so fast. If a startup knows its strength and can fulfill the needs of its target consumers, it can become a game changer.”