Co-Working Space – A New Work Concept to Fulfill Every Lifestyle in the Digital World.


Working in the digital era, where technology is evolving every minute and competition is fierce, can be stressful and strained especially for those who work in cubicles.

    Co-working spaces have become a new option for a new generation of office workers who want to escape from traditional offices and change their work environment. A co-working space is a place designed for visitors to work or hold a business meeting in a more relaxing atmosphere at affordable entrance fees. It is one of the great choices for the younger generation who seek to escape from a boring traditional working environment to a more unconventional working space.

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What is a co-working space?

    Many of you may have already heard, or know, about co-working spaces. But you might not know that they have many functions for visitors beyond just a shared working space.

    A co-working space is a short-rental working place where professionals from different fields can meet and share their experiences. It is also a place that provides a different environment for working and holding business meetings.

    The majority of co-working space users are new business entrepreneurs, startups, freelance workers or office workers who hope to get new ideas from changing their work environment. Some use co-working spaces for business meetings or business discussion with important clients. Others just come in to enjoy the coffee and surf the internet.

Co-working is an answer for younger generation workers.

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    Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and resultant economic crisis, many companies are having difficulty paying high office rents. Co-working spaces provide a solution because they are equipped with the basic office supplies such as computer desks, printers and wi-fi internet. Another advantage of a co-working space is the flexible operation hours. Some spaces are open 24 hours. Rental fees are affordable and can range from no charge to a mere Bt300 per day. Some co-working spaces also provide free soft drinks and snacks. Customers of co-working spaces are not limited to young professionals, but many students are also users of the facilities.

A co-working space is no longer just a working place but it’s a new option for event facilities

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    Finding an event venue can be tough. While rental charges are often high, some event venues may not come equipped with the electronic equipment that you require. However, the co-working space concept can make your work easier.

    Besides providing space for work or business meetings, some co-working space providers also have space for organising events to serve the needs of customers. They also come with kitchen and dining spaces for rent. So co-working spaces become a great option for an event venue. They offer all the basic equipment, are usually readily accessible to public transportation, and the rental fees are reasonable.  

    The co-working space is a new world that can fulfill the needs of a younger generation of workers. It provides a comfortable and relaxing working space which will help you work effectively. Your office will no longer be limited to a small cubicle. It is also a great choice for organisers who are looking for an event venue complete with all the basic equipment.