Good to Know: What Goes into Hosting a World-Class Event?

  Events nowadays are diverse and distinct in their own ways. Some are full of spectacle with lights, colour, and music; some are a plethora of products; and some are packed with interesting activities that never seem to end. Most of us experience these events as consumers, but what is it like backstage? What goes into creating an event that is interesting and fun? It is good to know what it is like preparing for a world-class event.

    First, let's get to know TCEB. The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau is a public organisation that supports the event management industry in Thailand. With the aim of pushing Thailand forward as the centre of event management in Asia, TCEB supports the MICE industry in the creation of events, conventions, and exhibitions at local, national, and international levels.

    MICE is an industry that deals with travel. The purpose of MICE is to manage meetings, incentive travel, international seminars, exhibitions, mega events, and international festivals, with the aim of providing full-service event management.

    One of Thailand's advantages in event management is our locations, which draw an abundance of visitors in each year. With diverse locations, the event management industry is able to provide proper facilities that impress all participants. The MICE industry in Thailand is trusted and recognised world-wide.

    The Thai MICE industry's event management strategy focusses on value and convenience. By promoting the diversity of our locations, event hosts have a variety of choices regarding how they want their events to look. Whether locations, themes, or activities, it is likely that we have something to offer that will serve both corporate expectations and participants’ requirements.

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     There are many types of events in Thailand. However, TCEB holds each event to the same standard. We aim to redefine the event-going experience by offering impressive activities that are novel, and maintain the uniqueness and entertainment of Thai traditions and culture. We combine Thainess with event management in the most exceptional way.

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TCEB supports events that showcase the uniqueness of Thai culture. The five types of events we commonly host are:

Cultural Events

    These events aim to showcase the cultural aspects of Thailand in creative and artistic ways. It might be a talent show, product display, or awards ceremony.

Sport Events

    We hold all kinds of sport events, including regional, national, and international levels of competition.

Creative and Lifestyle Events

    These are events that focus on lifestyle, design, fashion, and artwork. Many are held in the form of a workshop, product display, or interactive event where participants get a hands-on experience.

Entertainment Events

    This type of event showcases product design, computer graphic design, and presentations, usually in the form of digital performance.

Travel Events

    These are often festival type events. They are often held in a location that is a popular tourist attraction to draw in foreign visitors.

    TCEB holds all MICE events with the determination to use innovation and technology to give attendees the most impressive experience.