MICE Innovation Catalog, the home of innovations to enhance the MICE businesses.

    By the end of last year, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) (Public Organization) in collaboration with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa), the National Innovation Agency (NIA) (Public Organization), the Thai Exhibition Association (TEA), the Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA), the Thai Hotels Association (THA) and various other partner agencies had altogether hosted the Innovative Development Contest to increase all Thai sectors’ efficiency in hosting MICE events in the 3rd ‘Thailand's MICE Startup 2020’. It was intended as a business development platform for the benefit of all related sectors to share and exchange knowledge and understanding of MICE businesses with innovative networks in both the public and private sectors. Besides, to emphasize on driving and promoting an efficient ecosystem to support startups and tech entrepreneurs, in order for them to help solve the problem during the COVID-19 crisis by the brainstorming of witted intellectuals whosoever come up with a solution and bring them to meet with people who is full of problems in doing business. In the hope that such activities will result in people finally getting to make the most out of innovation and technology to ultimately solve problems for MICE entrepreneurs in real world case scenarios. Resulting in an increase of the product’s economic value, also, an immense increase in the competitiveness of the Thai MICE industry.

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    The "MICE Innovation Catalog" is one of the most significant achievements of the project. It is a catalog that intends to continually compile the list of organizations which work in the development of MICE innovation. It is a modern channel that will effectively support new innovations. The mentioned invaluable compilation list of innovation and technology companies, including Startups or Tech Entrepreneurs which possess the knowledge to elevate or enhance the potential of the MICE industry in various fields. Moreover, the systemize catalog also offers a selection of related-field lists of Tech Firms that potentially possess any solution in need for specific MICE business operators. Ultimately, in order to simultaneously promote and encourage the use of innovation, which is intended to further elevate the Thai MICE industry.

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    Consequently, the innovation products and services of 23 applicants participating in the ‘Thailand's MICE Startup 2020’ program will be collected and published in the MICE Innovation Catalog to promote the collaboration opportunities of a range of innovative and technology production companies with those MICE business operators nationwide. The list of benefits for which those

companies that will be chosen to get publicize in the "MICE Innovation Catalog" will certainly obtain are as follows,

    1. To be featured with the innovations that they created for the business’ solution, as well as getting an opportunity to match with MICE business operators whose technology will potentially enhance the business’ work or production efficiency or have the capability to elevate the MICE business operators such as convention and exhibition centers, hotels, event organizers, logistics service providers, etc.

    2. Increase the company's chance of receiving support from TCEB. They will favor MICE business operators with a "MICE Inno Voucher" with up to 200,000 baht in value intended to support those MICE business operators who are interested in developing innovations for the display at mega exhibitions and international festivals only.

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    TCEB will manage the issuing of the "MICE Innovation Catalog" in the form of an e-Catalog Platform, for the convenience of adding new names and updating innovation and technology companies’ information for MICE business operators, which can be digitally search through a list of various innovative and technology companies, should the business operator be interested. Also, they can even use the mentioned "MICE Inno Voucher".

    By getting an opportunity to be listed in the "MICE Innovation Catalog", those innovation and technology companies are considered receiving a double fortune. The first is getting a display space to promote one’s company and its innovations in the MICE events, and the latter is having the  opportunity to work with MICE business operators within the network which TCEB has sponsored. This will eventually benefit all related parties. Therefore, it was undeniable that all the connections TCEB has caused to happen in this event will be a key mechanism which helps create innovation that drives the expansion and development of the MICE business circle along with the technological innovation network. Hopefully, This will result in a sustainable development outcome, while all sectors will have a swift awareness ahead of every incoming crisis with the cooperation from all-round partners.