Professional MICE Work Force is Thailand's Big Push towards Being the Centre of MICE Industry in Asia

    The MICE industry is one of the driving forces of Thailand's economy, and developing the industry's workforce to meet global standards plays an important role in pushing Thailand to being recognised on the world stage. This development assures investment in the MICE business from abroad and consequently, more opportunity for events and conventions. It, furthermore, generates income from MICE travellers, as well as increasing employment in the industry, making the economy grow as a whole.

    TCEB, or the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, is the organisation responsible for the support and development of the MICE business in Thailand. This development is ensured by the professionalism of the workforce; that is, our human resources are knowledgeable, practical, service-minded, resourceful, and determined to be the best. The drive to ensure the quality of the workforce is an effort to align our human resources with Thailand's strategic location and strong business network.

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    In terms of strategic location, Thailand is the heart of Southeast Asia and the connector of international trade. At the centre of Thailand's economy is the MICE business that further drives other industries forward. With more business opportunity, we are heading towards being a world-renowned centre of events and conventions.

    To develop our human resource capability, TCEB and relevant authorities are working together to institute professional training for all people working in the MICE ecosystem. This includes students, teachers, experts, as well as professional MICE workers. The aim is to develop Thailand to be the hub of MICE education in Southeast Asia, and to create future MICE leaders who can join the global market, for example, in developing MICE curriculum in universities across the region, or in MICE research and development programmes. Further possible opportunity includes creating a network of MICE education in Thailand and abroad as a way to exchange information and knowledge concerning the MICE business, as well as producing future well-trained MICE workers to meet market demand.

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    This is why establishing a criterion for MICE human resources is significant and necessary. Not only will this create a sense of equality, but also build a standard for all the MICE workers in the country to strive for. Because the MICE business is one of Thailand's leading industries, the MICE workforce needs to be on an equal footing with the MICE workforce elsewhere. There is a huge demand for high-quality personnel in this business in order for the country to become the centre of the MICE industry in Asia. We are confident that our professional standards in event and convention management can elevate both the MICE industry and the economy of the country.