What is TCEB? Thailand's MICE Public Organisation

    Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is a public organisation which aims to be the largest business centre in Asia. Our duties are to support the MICE industry including meeting, incentive, convention, and exhibition organisers, and to develop event management in Thailand, especially in assisting foreign attendees toevents and exhibitions.

    Get to know TCEB through our vision. We aim to be the connector between all types of Thai businesses through event management. TCEB adheres to the government's economic policy "Thailand 4.0" which focusses on improving system management and opening a pathway to greater economic power for Thailand under the vision, "Security, Prosperity, Sustainability". The 10 industries we aim to support are:

1. Digital 

2. Agriculture and Biotechnology

3. Thailand as a Medical Hub

4. Affluent Medical and Wellness

5. Aviation and Logistics

6. Smart Electronic 

7. Biofuels and Biochemistry

8. Food for the Future

9. Robotics

10. Next-generation Automotive

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    Get to know TCEB through our mission statement. We want to represent Thailand on the world stage in acquiring global events and exhibitions to be held here. We promote, support, and develop meeting and exhibition management to meet internationally-recognised standards. We have also established an organisation to be an information centre on meetings and exhibitions in Thailand. We publicise, inform, and offer advice to entrepreneurs and other interested parties. We support institutes that educate and train public and private sector personnel through seminars and workshops, to develop their skills and to raise awareness of environmental preservation and sustainable event planning. Lastly, we promote good corporate image and business opportunities, as well as being the connector between event managers and other organisations to facilitate meeting and exhibition management.

    Get to know TCEB through our ability to make policy, measure, and to support research and development that is crucial to meeting and exhibition management on both national and international levels. We back entrepreneurs by making policy that supports and bolsters them. We also make agreements and co-operate with organisations inside and outside of the country to guarantee the best outcomes for all event management plans in Thailand.

    Get to know TCEB through our ambition to be the largest event management organisation in ASEAN. That is why we are dedicated in our efforts to support and hold meetings and exhibitions without exception. We offer objective support that covers meetings, exhibitions, domestic MICE events, and MICE industry development, including offering a special lane for MICE travellers at immigration checkpoints, or what we call the "MICE Lane".

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Lastly, get to know TCEB through our five strategies:

1. To drive the economy with MICE industries.

2. To distribute income and stimulate the economy.

3. To promote the image of Thai MICE and TCEB.

4. To make the Thai MICE industry a worthy competitor in the international market.

5. To train skilled and diligent personnel.