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Vision & Statement

Vision & Statement


TCEB was conceived with two pillars in mind.

1. Increase the contribution of the Thai service industry to corporate events in the economy of Thailand.

2. To lay a solid foundation on the basis of which the Thai corporate event service sector will be able to compete effectively and successfully in the world market.




Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayutthaya, President of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau

In order to accelerate the growth and further development of our sector, in my opinion, 5 directions are of particular importance, since they are the basis for the integration of the whole system of servicing corporate events.

1. Establishment of effective interaction between the public and private sectors in terms of further development of the Thai service industry for corporate events. TCEB certainly will not be able to work with full efficiency without the support of state organizations and private companies. TCEB will concentrate its efforts on working together in forms that are organically inherent in our culture, ensuring that all participants attract organizers of events to Thailand and promote the Thai corporate services sector.

2. Improvements to the overall TCEB image. Within the framework of this direction, the image of the bureau will be built in the eyes of the general public. Building on the creation of information technologies for the marketing of services for the reception of corporate events on digital channels, we will have to declare our capabilities in the world markets, constantly offering interesting materials and regularly updated news. This will allow us to raise awareness of potential customers about TCEB, as well as more effectively build links between market participants and respond more promptly to requests from other businesses and individuals, and ultimately provide a higher level of satisfaction for organizers and participants in international corporate events.

3. Shrinking mega-projects on the territory of Thailand. The achievements in this direction will depend on the region of implementation of each specific mega-project. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs and public sector organizations should make systematic joint efforts to make event venues and local attractions safe, comfortable, and able to meet the needs of guests in high-quality food. These factors are crucial to pulling mega-projects into the country. In addition, all units should accelerate the creation of basic infrastructure and telecommunications networks, in particular - rail passenger transport and high-speed telecommunications systems.

4. Carrying out strategic marketing activities. The growth of marketing power is a vital direction, starting with the creation of new marketing channels, the integration of databases designed to solve specific problems, and ending with the opening of comprehensive information centers on corporate events. For TCEB, it's time to investigate target markets with various associations, as well as establish bilateral relations with state organizations and private companies, including the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Thai Tourism Authority, and Thai international airlines, working together to develop marketing plans To promote the Thai corporate services sector at the international level.

5. Establishment of a research and analysis center for corporate events. The world community has entered the information age, and this has huge implications for the development and promotion of business. TCEB should clearly define its position and improve the services offered, ensuring their maximum reliability for organizations from all sectors of the economy. The implementation and further development of this direction will be of great, decisive importance for the support of both public and private organizations, as well as the Thai service industry for corporate events in general.