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Import Procedures for Business Event in Thailand

Import Procedures for Business Event in Thailand

What types of goods are exempt from import tax and duties?

The list of eligible goods are as follows:

  • Goods imported under temporary admission which are then re-exported without having undergone any changes.
  • Goods imported for free distribution to attendees, including documents and articles for display and demonstration.
  • Personal goods such as clothing, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, watches, pens, glasses, perfume, etc., for which the value does not exceed 10,000 baht.
  • Goods including trophies and honorary medals awarded to person(s) living in Thailand in recognition of their excellence in the fields of arts & literature, science, sports, public services, or contributions to the betterment of the public good.
  • Goods with no commercial value intended for use as samples.
  • Goods with no commercial value and bearing no brand logo distributed to event participants.  (Literature like magazines or books containing a price tag must be labeled “Not For Sale” or “For Free Distribution”).

Please note that distribution of items containing logos or trademarks that are widely known and advertised are not exempt from payment of duties.

What documents are required for the temporary admission of goos for business events in Thailand?

Please have ready these documents stating:

  • Details of your visit, including: name of function, schedule, location, and number of attendees.
  • Details of your imports, including: description of your goods and their quantities; photographs of your goods; and description of their purpose (if for distribution to attendees).
  • Delivery details: passport copy of the carrier of the goods; their flight information, including date and time of arrival; their contact information.

When will the submission of the documents for the temporary admission of goods be required?

Please have them processed at least 30 working days prior to the temporary admission of goods to Thailand.

Which government agency handles the application for temporary admission of goods to Thailand?

Goods for which import and export are restricted by law require special written permission or license from various government agencies, in advance of their arrival in Thailand. The written permission or license must be presented when performing customs clearance. Here are the restricted goods and relevant agencies to contact:

Excise Department

  • No more than 200 cigarettes
  • No more than 250 grams of cigars or tobacco
  • 1 litre of alcoholic beverage

Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior

  • Weapons, ammunitions, explosives

Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation

  • Plants and their parts

Department of Agriculture

  • Live animals and their carcasses

The Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health

  • Food and medicine

Ministry of Industry

  • Vehicle parts  

The Fine Arts Department

  • Buddha images, objects of art, antiques

Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission

  • Radio and telecommunication devices

What are the import procedures for goods intended for donation and/or public use?

Please ensure these items adhere to the following rules:

  • The importers must be a charitable organization registered in Thailand and the importation must be for the public benefit.
  • Submit a letter to the state agency that is the recipient of the donation.
  • The state agency that is the recipient of the donation will return a receipt.
  • The recipient submits a duty-exemption letter, together with the aforementioned documents, to the Customs Department of Thailand.

What methods are used for goods imported for business events in Thailand?

There are two methods you may select from:

  • Via a carrier who must satisfy the requirements of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Passenger Clearance Customs Bureau.
  • Via air transport which must satisfy the requirements of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Cargo Clearance Customs Bureau.