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Promotion & Services


With our strategic Asian positioning, Thailand creates business connections with unsurpassed advantages in the region and beyond. TCEB has set-up marketplace conversations leading to a vibrant and expansive network for better business presence and profitability.

Ultimate ASEAN Marketplace

Thailand is primed to take centre stage by offering easy access to the region’s dynamic marketplace. Thailand offers more business opportunities with our distinct edge:

ASEAN Connectivity Capital - The country’s developed connectivity as a regional logistic and transportation hub gives exhibitions in Thailand extra benefits, boosted by a seamless transportation system.
Asia’s Crossroad - Thailand is a geographic centre stage in Asia, and with its diverse destinations, plants itself in the heart of the fast-growing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) segments.
World’s Destination - Thailand is a globally-recognised business events paradise, with its abundance of diverse, cutting-edge exhibition venues, stunning hotels, and upgraded telecommunication infrastructure to facilitate meetings.

Regional Trade Power House

Thailand’s connections and improved collaboration with other countries has expanded trade, fueling an increased network of free trade agreements. These have made the country a regional trade centre, and a production and export powerhouse for various industries. Some significant milestones include:

ASEAN MICE Collaboration - TCEB’s initiative has linked up exhibitions in Thailand with the integrated trading market of the AEC, further connecting them to the global supply chain.
Asia’s Trade Powerhouse - Thailand’s allure stems from its role as a regional powerhouse of production and export. Thailand’s six free trade agreements (FTAs) with Australia, China, India, New Zealand and the 10 member countries of ASEAN have made the country an even more attractive marketplace for exhibitions.
World’s Spotlight Industry - Thailand’s industrial production has grown and diversified rapidly both in long-established and newly-emerging industries. Not only have FTAs drastically expanded duty free access to 2.87 billion people, key industries and logistic have streamlined, and regulations on foreign investments have been liberalised.

The Power of Connection   

Thailand boosts your connections to create strong business links, integrated with our local industry professionals and alliances. Exhibitions in Thailand enjoy the real power of connections, where even one connection can lead to unlimited opportunities. You can enjoy:

Savvy Networkers - Feel the power of proficient and adaptive services to empower your exhibitions and trade shows with creativity and success.
Trusted Partners - Thailand’s exhibition industry professionals, local alliances, and TCEB are your trusted partners to facilitate and maximise these smart connections.
Qualified Approved Events - An endorsement by TCEB to validate quality international trade show that meets the UFI international standard. Create an extra dimension of exposure both domestically and internationally.

Our Suite of Services

To help local and international organizers deliver the best possible trade shows, the Exhibitions and Events Department works closely with various strategic partners to assist organizers and event planners in a wide range of areas.

Financial incentive schemes for new and existing exhibitions.

  • Bidding support schemes for exhibitions and events.
  • Facilitating and orchestrating site inspections, government involvement, and other related activities.
  • International Road Shows to boost delegate and visitor attendance.
  • Marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Auditing schemes for “TCEB Approved Events”.
  • Industry intelligence and research.


We can help you realise your next Exhibitions event in Thailand. Please refer to the below to see if you qualify for some extra support from us.


Legally-registered company in Thailand or in other countries.
Must be from private or public sectors.
No duplicated financial support from other government entities.
Never committed crime or breached any civil or criminal law or intellectual property law in any countries.
Possess a business plan to organise “International Trade Exhibitions” in Thailand.
The aforementioned criteria are subject to change according to the changing environment and policy.

Financial Support for International Trade Exhibition
EXHIBITIORS: No. of direct foreign exhibitors must represent at least 10% of the total exhibitors.

VISITORS: No. of International visitors must represent at least 5% of total visitors (trade day only).