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Thailand’s prime geographic placement in Asia gives us market reach to stay connected to business networks throughout the world. Conventions held in the Kingdom not only grant accessibility, but also leave delegates with a rewarding trip. Our diverse and energetic landscape means a new experience every time, and our hospitality makes every visit indelible.

Here are some facts and figures.

Vibrant Locations

Five key MICE cities located in key regions of the country, each with their own charm and identity, for that unique convention journey.

  • Central: Enjoy the metropolitan Bangkok.
  • North: Experience unique Lanna culture, or soak in the modern art and rich ecology of Chiang Mai.
  • South: Come close to Sino-Portuguese culture, with the gastronomically creative UNESCO city of Phuket island.
  • East: Float in the lovely vibes of seaside city Pattaya.
  • Northeast: Be awed by the modern city of Isan culture, Khon Kaen, and also gateway to Indochina.
  • Ease of access between cities. Only a 1 to 1.5 hour flight from Bangkok to everywhere else.

Vibrant Venues

  • Spacious convention centers of global standard in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. Each with a capacity of over 1,000 delegates.
  • All five MICE cities are renowned global travel destinations, assuring plenty of accommodation options from top-standard local boutique brands to world-class international chains. Select properties with views ranging from beachfront, riverine, urban or mountainous.
  • Unique culture and environment of each city assures an identifiable theme for each visit. Events can be held at an iconic setting, ranging from grand palaces, ancient temple ruins, lush green eco habitats, calming ocean or riverines, modern art galleries, cultural museums, rooftop restaurants, and more.

Vibrant Activities

  • Thai MICE cities are global travel destinations, assuring a rich spectrum of activities to not only suit your theme, but cater to each guest’s personal preference as well.
  • Products range from calming religious practices to heartstopping adventures, delicious cuisine experiences to holistic spa and health therapies. Get your systems going with a vigorous Muay Thai boxing workout, or a soothing Thai massage treatment. For the family, or the individual, the Thai landscape provides options to bond or explore, but always with a focus to discover.



We can help you realise your next Conventions event in Thailand. Please refer to the below to see if you qualify for some extra support from us.


  • Convention, conference or congress must contain academic content.
  • A minimum of 50 international delegates (fly-in only).
  • A minimum of 2 full conference days.