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Mega Events

Support Criteria

TCEB’s principal mission is to develop and expand Thailand’s MICE sector in order to compete strongly on the world stage and thereby increase national income for the benefit of the Thai economy. One strategy to achieve this goal is to provide official support and encouragement for Thai bids to host new international business, sports and entertainment events, especially mega events, in order to place Thailand’s MICE sector at the forefront of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and of Asia in general. Major international festivals and mega events in Thailand will attract large numbers of attendees, both Thai and non-Thai, thereby generating substantial national income. By attracting well-known organisers, raising the quality of existing events and creating new types of events, Thailand will be seen as a strong global competitor and gain the confidence of international organisation

4 sectors that TCEB will support

          1) Arts & Culture Events are competitions or games, award ceremonies or events that revolve around human creativity, culture and social life such as: educational films, festivals, culinary arts and visual arts which include painting, sculpture, photography and other visual media.

          2) Entertainment Events are competitive activities utilising a high level of theatrical expression and extravagant presentations or performances that aim to entertain a live audience. It applies to every aspect of live entertainment including sports entertainment (also known as exhibition matches), musicals, theatre, comedy, circus, films, magic and music.

          3) Creative & Lifestyle Events are events that revolve around human creativity, fashion, product design, computer graphics, lifestyle items presentation that are produced in the form of performances, workshops, high-tech presentations, visual media or even the use of the destination as the background with lighting and performance.

          4) Sports Events are defined as events that involve international or regional sporting competition between teams, associations and or individuals representing a minimum of three (3) countries. Tourism Events include festivals, carnivals, and performances, with decorations that use the destination or city landscape as the background or the landmark for the event.


The events require the following qualifications: 

          1. Festivals & Carnivals must attract a minimum of 10,000 visitors, with 10% international visitors or at least 1,000 in-bound visitors from abroad. Participating artists, performances or shows must represent at least 10 countries. 

          2. Mega Events are large-scale international events in which the government participates as a promoter. The Cabinet must approve each event for Thailand to bid to host, with the Government or its agent acting as bidder.The events will enhance Thailand’s image on the world stage, with investment from the Government and certification from a recognised international body. The event must attract a minimum of 50,000 visitors from at least 20 countries. The event’s theme should be in line with promoted industries and the National Economic & Social Development Plan. 

          3. Signature Events are international events that attract international expertise/professionals from specific sectors. The events have to enhance the branding of Thailand in terms of arts & culture, and tourism through international media and coverage. The participants should include at least 1,000 specialists, artists, and experts, with a minimum of 500 international visitors, spectators, journalists, and performers from at least 10 countries coming to Thailand to pursue specific activities with specific purposes. 

          4. Major Niche Events are specific non-MICE events for CEOs, C-levels, country representatives, or leaders from at least 10 countries attending in Thailand. A minimum of 200 international C-levels must participate. 

          5. Home Grown Events are events that have been continually organised by international or domestic organisers for at least 5 years without moving from the city of origin. The events must attract at least 10,000 visitors, with a minimum of 10% or 1,000 international visitors determined by an audited survey. 

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